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Specialty Contact Lenses


Specialty Contact Lenses Baltimore

EyeSymmetry’s Optical Center provides the people of Baltimore and Owings Mills with customized prescriptions for specialty contact lenses. Through a precise, detailed screening, our team will examine each eye to identify your unique visual needs.

For those who have a particular complexity to their vision or eyes, our state-of-the-art, full-service clinic offers a level of care that is unsurpassed. We pay close attention to patients who are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or who have yet to succeed with contact lens wear in the past and provide these patients with the perfect customized and advanced solution.

With a variety of lens designs, technologies, and materials, our certified Baltimore optometry team offers:

  • Contact lenses for mild to advanced dry eyes
  • Soft and gas permeable contact lenses, no matter how difficult to fit
  • Numerous designs of multifocal & bifocal contact lenses
  • OrthoKeratology contact lenses
  • Cornea reshaping therapy CRT
  • WAVE design contact lenses
  • ChromaGen Lenses for dyslexia and reading problems
  • “I See Overnight” contact lens
  • Specialty designs for high and complex astigmatism
  • Small and large diameter scleral contact lenses for keratoconus, dry eyes, and sports vision
  • Customized tinted contact lenses for athletes
  • Specialty contact lenses for albino patients

Note: The image gallery contains close-ups of eyes with Specialty Contact Lenses. These images are here to help show the exact fit over the eye's surface.
Blue Overlay of Scleral Lens on Eye - Baltimore, Maryland
Blue Overlay of Scleral Lens on Eye - Baltimore, Maryland
Closeup of Scleral Lens on Eye - Baltimore, Maryland
Scleral Lens on an actual eye - Baltimore, Maryland
Black outline of Scleral Lens on an actual eye - Baltimore, Maryland
White outline of Scleral Lens - Baltimore, Maryland
Blue Overlay of Scleral Lens on Eye - Baltimore, Maryland
Example of a specialty contact lens that treats color blindness

Never again worry about your vision.

Trust Dr. Moshe Schwartz, O.D., F.A.A.O. at EyeSymmetry Vision Center serving all of Maryland from Owings Mills to Baltimore — to give a clear life back to you.

Dr. Moshe Schwartz O.D., F.A.A.O.

  • Keratoconus describes a condition in which the corneal structure isn’t strong enough to maintain a healthy ball shape. As a result, the cornea bulges outward into more of a cone.
  • These rigid lenses aren’t as popular or well-known as soft lenses, but they offer the advantages of durability, crisp vision and high oxygen permeability.
  • Imagine a scleral lens that's designed & molded to your eye to help with eye conditions including keratoconus, astigmatism, and dry eye. EyePrintPro provides treatment for those with severe corneal irregularity.
  • Color blindness comes in various levels, from red-green, blue-yellow, or in extreme cases total color blindness. Today, there are special corrective contact lenses that can treat your color vision deficiency.
  • ISON or our "I See Overnight" program utilizes the latest in specialty contact lenses, including ortho-k, to nearly stop the progression of myopia and improve the sight of our patients to 20/20 or better!
  • If your vision needs correction in both near and far distances, or you have presbyopia, then bifocal contacts could be the comfortable customized solution that you are looking for!
  • A hybrid lens provides clear vision that's not disrupted by astigmatism or corneal irregularity while matching the same comfort and ease as any soft lens.
  • Cornea transplants are, for the most part, successful. However, for those who still find difficulty in their vision & want to seek alternatives to surgery, there are specialty contact lenses that can correct vision for post cornea transplants.
  • Have you been told that since you have astigmatism you can't wear contact lenses? EyeSymmetry Vision Center has the answer for you, even for those with mild to extreme astigmatism!

Small change, huge difference...

A more natural solution...

A facial for my eyes...

Easy to use...

Amazed in 8 days!