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What is ChromaGen®?

ChromaGen LOGOChromaGen® is a new, life-changing technology available in the Baltimore area used to manage the effects of dyslexia, color deficiency and reading problems. The most advanced and effective technology available, ChromaGen® helps people who struggle with reading problems to attain better focus. ChromaGen® lenses are colored lenses, prescribed to each patient individually. Our patients have experienced amazing results with ChromaGen®, allowing them to read and focus with no problems.

boy at a table having trouble readingWhy are the words moving when I read?

When a person without dyslexia looks at a page in a book, light enters the eye through the cornea and is reflected onto the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye, called the retina. The photoreceptors on the retina then turn that light into brain signals, which travel along the brain stem to meet the brain. Both eyes are doing this at the same exact time, and brain signals are being sent in unison, resulting in clear and simple reading.

When a person who has dyslexia or a related reading problem looks at a page, the same thing happens. The light enters in through the cornea, and is reflected onto the retina. After that is where the problem lies. Once the light is received, it is then processed differently with each eye. This means that the brain is receiving signals from each eye at different times, instead of in unison. This causes the words to “move” on the page.

What does ChromaGen® do?

ChromaGen® lenses address two groups of symptoms. The first group involve words that move on the page, words appearing blurry, moving side to side or seeing double words and sentences. The second group involves the reading conditions. Some people with reading problems experience headaches, dizziness, re-reading sentences, losing their place and irritated eyes. This makes reading very difficult. The inability to read efficiently can affect the lives of our patients in many ways. Children may fall behind in their schoolwork because of this issue. Other patients simply want to read their favorite magazine or book, but cannot due to the frustration of dyslexia.

Certified practitioner of ChromaGen LogoChromaGen® balances the signals between the eyes and the brain. As stated above, a person who has reading problems has a light-balancing issue. ChromaGen® lenses are prescribed to each eye individually, meaning each lens gets a different prescription. Typically, one lens is slightly darker than the other. This makes it so both eyes are able to process light at the same speed.

In cases of color blindness, ChromaGen® changes the level of each color going into the non-dominant eye and, in some cases, both the dominant and non-dominant eye. This enables our patients to experience enhanced color perception and color discrimination.

Not sure if you're colorblind? Take this colorblind test provided by Enchroma.

If you have experienced difficulty with reading, or if you have any of the symptoms that keep you from successfully reading and you live in the Baltimore area, call Dr. Moshe Schwartz, O.D., F.A.A.O. at EyeSymmetry Vision Center in Owings Mills, Maryland today! Many of our patients here at EyeSymmetry have experienced life-changing results with ChromaGen®, and you can too! Plus, you can set up your consultation online here.

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