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Overnight Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology in Baltimore

If you are looking into LASIK surgery you should consider this non-surgical alternative, now available in Maryland.

Our exclusive I See Overnight program along with Vision Shaping Treatment and Corneal Refractive Therapy, are few innovative methods that use customized shaping lenses to gently correct your vision while you sleep. You can then enjoy crisp, clear, comfortable vision without the inconvenience of wearing contact lenses or glasses throughout the day. This is ideal for people who are athletic, have unstable prescriptions, or who have allergies or suffer from dry eyes.

Clear Vision Without Eyewear: Overnight Contacts Make It Possible

I See is also a great alternative for kids! If your child is self-conscious about wearing glasses, or is having a hard time getting used to traditional contact lenses, I See is a great choice. Wearing overnight contact lenses as part of the I See Overnight Program allows them to go about their daily lives without needing to worry about breaking or losing their glasses or having to deal with contact lenses being uncomfortable or falling out in the middle of the day.

Extracurricular activities such as football, basketball or dance also become easier when you don't have to worry about glasses or contact lenses. Simply remember to put in your specialty overnight contacts, and enjoy clear vision for the next day (or even two) no matter what you're doing or where you go.

Want to know more about the I See Overnight Program and how wearing contact lenses overnight can help? Take a look at some of the videos below:

ISON Program Ortho-K Patient

ISON Program Past LASIK Patient

Benefits of ISON for Our Patients

“I started wearing glasses about 12 years ago. Every year my vision getting worse and I needed to change my prescription again. Three years ago, I took the leap of faith and tried the ISON. It turned out to be a very good decision. I wake up in the morning and I see (my children smile, the leaves on the tree out the window.) I can rub my eyes if I want, I can wear make-up, and when I want to wear something on my nose. I grab a pair of fancy sunglasses! J”

Dr. Elena Ghiaur (Internal Medicine)

“ The ISON lenses have made my life SO much better. My vision is perfect and it feels wonderful to be able to see naturally- it is freeing to not have to worry about watering getting in my eyes, or wind drying out the contacts.

Robin Wherley (Attorney)

“In 6th grade I had to get glasses because my vision was bad. I also found out that my vision was progressively getting worse while wearing glasses. Now, I wake up and I can see perfectly. My eyesight stopped getting worse, and I don’t have to worry about glasses.”

Venae Sidhu (High school student)

Eyesymmetry Vision Center - What ISON users are saying

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Dr. Schwartz Explains Overnight Lenses

My wife started wearing eyeglasses in her first grade. So when our children, began needing glasses at the age of 8, we were very concerned. It’s embarrassing to say, even though I’m an eye doctor, I resented the fact that my children required glasses at such a young age.

Since they began wearing ISON lenses in 2003, they have not worn eyeglasses or contact lenses and more importantly, their vision has not deteriorated.

Small change, huge difference...

A more natural solution...

A facial for my eyes...

Easy to use...

Amazed in 8 days!