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What’s the Link Between Dry Eye and Menopause?

A reduction in hormones during menopause, may lead many women to experience symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Read on to learn about the link between menopause and dry eye syndrome.

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Winter Dry Eye In Maryland – Tips to Deal with the Cold

Oh, winter in Maryland the days are too short, our commutes on 695 are still terrible, and so many of us are now glued to a computer screen for eight-plus hours a day. Whether you're focused on the road or on a screen, you might be noticing an increase in...
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Watery Eyes are Dry Eye? That doesn’t make sense!

When patients present to the office with a complaint of watering eyes, it's an interesting conversation to have to explain to that person. "Well, your eyes are watering because they're dry!"  Because they think, how could my eyes be dry? I have these tears just rolling down onto my cheek!...
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Are Face Masks Causing Dry Eye Symptoms?

Wearing face masks is something that will be around for the foreseeable future, and so will mask-associated dry eye. Ask your eye doctor how to minimize dry eye symptoms today.

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What’s included in a dry eye examination at Eyesymmetry Vision Center?

When a patient comes to the office for a dry eye examination, they can expect to see photographs and videos of their eye and talk about their eyes in ways they've likely never done before. We really look at the whole person and what is contributing to the dry eye...
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Why are dry eye symptoms going untreated?

Computer usage contributes to the problem, but there are things that we can do to counteract those symptoms and counteract the progressive nature of dry eye disease.

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