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I love it here I am now able to see Excellent customer service
3 weeks ago
- Chris M.
Had a terrific experience with Marquita and colleagues. Easy to schedule and great customer service.
1 month ago
- Matt T.
I have been a patient for years. As a cinematographer, in my line of work, my eyesight is tremendously important. Dr. Schwartz not only understands that, but often takes my eye care even more seriously than I do. He and his staff are thorough, meticulous, and caring. I would not trust my vision to anyone or anywhere else. Even at times when I thought my glasses or contacts were fine, after an update from Dr. Schwartz, it’s like night and day. My latest glasses prescription was so good, I ordered another pair, and then another. Now I’m thinking of a second set of contacts.
5 months ago
- Cucillo C.
Dr. Schwartz and the team at EyeSymmetry are amazing! They made me feel very comfortable going through the prosthetic lens process. Everyone is very knowledgeable and has excellent patient care and customer service skills. Thank you EyeSymmetry!
6 months ago
- Jasmine
Great, Great service! To the unreadable prescription and figuring it out to the frame selection and benefit options. Katzen has lost a customer…thanks!
9 months ago
Everyone at this dental office is very nice and friendly! I would give 7 stars to Nicole for very nice and patience on helping my kiddos picked their glasses 👍
10 months ago
- King T.
Excellent customer service 👏🏾 I made appointments for 4 of us. The team was well prepared for our visit. The kids all got their eye exam and evaluation by ophthalmologist completed within an hour. I was expecting to be there for a few hours since it was 4 of us. However this team got us in and out! We will be back!!!
10 months ago
- Sherla F.

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