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The clinic is very clean and aesthetically pleasing. The equipment is clean and technologically current. The staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. I received the best eye care I’ve ever had and I’ve been wearing glasses since 6.
2 months ago
- Big ..
I am lucky to have come across Dr. Schwartz and his staff. I suffer from PRK complications and his RGP lenses have helped me greatly in an otherwise hopeless situation. Dr. Schwartz is the last of a dying breed as fitting RGP contact lenses is as much an art as it is a science and he is one rare few who can do it competently. He once told me he could sell his business and retire but he enjoys his work too much to do something like that. If you have eye problems, especially hard to treat edge cases like mine, this is the place to go. Thank you Dr. Schwartz and the rest of the staff at EyeSymmetry for what you do.
3 months ago
- Matthew O.
Marketa was the best this office was outstanding the customer service was great and overall good experience! would definitely recommend this office
3 months ago
- April J.
I loved my experience, Callie and markedi were very nice and professional.
3 months ago
- Kieraaa
Wonderful team and excellent turn around.
3 months ago
- Callie K.
Was extremely helpful and a pleasure working with.
4 months ago
- Ryan S.
I love it here I am now able to see Excellent customer service
10 months ago
- Chris M.

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