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Regener-Eyes® Patient Testimonials

Regener-Eyes® has been literally a lifesaver for me. Before I started using these drops my everyday life was dictated by how my eyes felt. My eyes were so bad I was considering a disability.

I have been using Regener-Eyes® for about a year and my results are nothing short of a miracle. My eyes are almost back to normal and my comprehensive eye exam this past January was excellent.

Everyone who knows me can’t get over how good my eyes look. Regener-Eyes® has been nothing short of a miracle and I am so grateful to have my life back. If you can relate to my story, you should give them a try.

Jen Hainen

I’ve been dealing with dry eyes for about 6 years. Things became exponentially worse in the past 3years. I started using multiple products during the day and at night plus autologous serum drops and prescriptions.

I had no real relief. Finally, I tried Regener-Eyes® and feel like I have my life back. [When] I changed dry eye doctors… He said “Let’s get rid of all this stuff you’re using. Sometimes less is better and I think you might do well with Regener-Eyes® .”

I am amazed at the results as I felt immediate relief. It’s been about 6weeks. I hardly use any other drops during the day/night. It has been a tremendous change in my life. And, when I tally up the amount I was spending on other drops, Regener-Eyes® is overall less expensive!

Frances Jones

I have suffered from Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome for 15 years. I am the general manager of two railroads. The time I spend at my desk on a computer is basically 365 days a year, averaging 12-hour days.

I do not have time for Dry Eye Syndrome.

[When] I had my second appointment with myDr., I made the decision to try Regener-Eyes® eye drops. In the past, I had used numerous eye drops, steroids, Xiidra – all to no avail. Nothing changed. I could not go out in bright light. Wind affected my eyes. The computer made my eyes stressed out, tired, sore, red, inflamed, and I was scared I was going to lose my eyesight.

I have been using Regener-Eyes® since 12/6/16 and my eyes are no longer sore, red, inflamed, or as stressed as they previously were.

I highly recommend Regener-Eyes® to anyone suffering from Chronic DryEye Syndrome.

Robin Brean

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