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72859dd747f0aa5d6d5c3b94193018aa 140×300Avenova™— A breakthrough in the treatment of dry eye and blepharitis

Millions of people suffer from chronic dry eye, blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and meibomitis. Treatment of these patients has been a difficult task for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Indeed, a significant number of patients who seek relief for these chronic and debilitating conditions will bounce from doctor to doctor looking for a reprieve from their discomfort.

Recent evidence indicates that almost ten percent of the American population suffers to some degree from these persistent complaints.

Avenova, from NovaBay Pharmaceuticals is the new kid on the block. The active ingredient in this revolutionary product is Neutrox™, a 99% pure, stable form of hypochlorous acid, the same chemical produced by the body’s white blood cells to combat against infections. Avenova offers our suffering patients relief from their red, sore, achy eyes. In solution, Avenova has antimicrobial activity and laboratory results demonstrate anti-inflammatory activity as well.

Over-the-counter products do not appear to give continuous relief, leaving our patients to use topical prescription antibiotic or steroid eye drops, oral doxycycline, irritating baby shampoo cleanses, warm compresses, and high dosages of Omega 3 oils. No single treatment plan will resolve the discomfort, and often a combination of several treatments is needed. Now, Avenova appears to be a breakthrough cleanser for dry eye and blepharitis.

Many patients develop ocular complaints as they age. Others develop problems associated with rosacea and seborrhea. Still others will develop problems related to tear disruption secondary to contact lenses, corneal sutures, and punctual plugs.

Dry, itchy, red, or swollen eyelids. Burning, tearing, flaking, and crusting. Foreign body sensation. Tenderness to the touch. All are signs and symptoms screaming for relief. Frequently, dry eye, blepharitis, MGD, and meibomitis will co-exist and exacerbate each other. Often patients are undiagnosed, under diagnosed, or untreated, but why let them suffer?

Although there may be no true panacea to solve dry eye, blepharitis, MGD, or meibomitis, Avenova is a step in that direction. Whether it is used alone or in combination with other treatments, my patients have found it an easy and effective solution to their complaints. It is nontoxic and nonirritating. Simply spray twice onto a cotton round or make-up pad, and rub the eyelids two or three times twice per day. It is an effective solution to cleanse and remove bacteria that are often a major cause of their problems. Most patients start to obtain relief in two weeks.

One of the exciting benefits of Avenova is that I can avoid the use of topical and oral antibiotics and steroids. Even though I have continued to use warm compresses and high dosage Omega 3, I have been able to reduce the reliance on other prescription medications. There is no need to create a “superbug” or medication side effects when effective cleansing works.

A smiling, happy, and content patient is obviously our goal. In my practice, Avenova has been shown to eliminate the signs and symptoms of chronic dry eye and blepharitis.

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A facial for my eyes...

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