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Dry Eye Specialist in Owing Mills, MD

Dry eye syndrome is a complicated and often misdiagnosed disease. For many patients, their symptoms can continue for years and years without much progress towards finding true relief. Fortunately, of has equipped his office with the latest techniques and technology to provide his patients with solid, effective dry eye treatments.

What makes an eye doctor a “Dry Eye Specialist”?

Identifying a patient’s symptoms helps direct an eye doctor choose a dry eye treatment, but pinpointing the exact cause of dry eye will allow an eye doctor to choose the right dry eye treatment. Our dry eye specialist, , utilizes digital imagery to evaluate the health of your eyelids, tear glands, and cornea to accurately assess the health of your eyes. Many patients suffer from a form of dry eye disease called evaporative dry eye, where their tears fail to produce the proper balance of nutrients and oil. This leads to tears evaporating to quickly, which leads to redness, dryness, and excessive tearing.

Treatments Used by a Dry Eye Specialist

Our practice carries some of the latest treatments for dry eye syndrome ranging from cliradex to cleanse the eyelids and surrounding areas of the eye, meibomian gland expression to clear blocked tear glands, to amniotic discs to restore the health of a damaged cornea. Every case of dry eye requires a specific set of treatments and guidelines, so choosing a dry eye specialist will ensure you receive the right treatments for your eyes. Instead of years passing by utilizing the same bottles of prescription eye drops, discover a treatment that brings real relief and actively works to restore the health of your eyes. Remember, dry eye is an eye disease that as the disease remains untreated, your eye health will not improve and, in some cases, continue to worsen.

To schedule a dry eye consultation with our dry eye specialist, call our dry eye clinic or request an appointment online.

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