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Living with Keratoconus

living with keratoconus in owings millsLiving with Keratoconus has left many individuals searching for an eye care specialist with the right solution for their eyes. Since, for the most part, everything that they have come across when growing up, has either failed completely, came up short, or never provided enough comfort or visual acuity desired.

Keratoconus is a condition that can start at a young age, such as 9 or 10, where the cornea starts to change its shape. Associated with the changes are extreme sensitivity to light or glare, blurry vision (like being unable to view the blackboard), and face sudden decreases in one’s vision. To get a better picture of Keratoconus, imagine that the top white surface of an eye has lots of ridges and bumps that would prevent a regular contact lens to rest easily on top. This varies by individual, where some may be able to get by with contacts or glasses, but for others, hard lenses or scleral lenses are the preferred alternatives.

A real challenge of Keratoconus isn’t from any real issues or lack of alternatives. Rather, Keratoconus leads to constant changes in prescription nearly every year, where one can’t rely on the state of their current vision. In certain cases of Keratoconus, the changes become so extreme that people turn to Corneal transplants.

For those living with Keratoconus in or near Owings Mills, MD, finding a reliable eye doctor with the latest technology and knowledge of the condition is essential. Dr. Moshe Schwartz OD of Eye Symmetry Vision has fitted scleral lenses for numerous patients and providing them with amazing comfort, clarity, and quality that couldn’t be found anywhere else. With a reputation as a specialist in Keratoconus fittings and other specialty contact lenses, Dr. Moshe Schwartz OD also provides a second opinion regarding other patients’ current lens treatment, whether what they have received is performing well, could be improved, or simply inadequate.

While hybrid contact lenses, for example, supply better quality vision for irregularly shaped eyes, the hard components used may not provide comfort for some people. Therefore, they could turn to scleral lenses, which are a large gas permeable contact lens, that covers the entire corneal surface of the eye, ensuring greater comfort.

Fortunately, at Eye Symmetry Vision, Dr. Moshe Schwartz OD provides a variety of specialty contact lens treatments that can be custom tailored for nearly any case of Keratoconus, irregularly shaped corneas, extreme astigmatisms, etc. Through years of experience and an amazing staff, there’s no other place that carries such a commitment to expertise, eye care, and consistent success.

To receive the best fit possible for your eyes, schedule a consultation with Your Baltimore Kerataconus Eye Doctor, today.

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