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Winter Dry Eye In Maryland – Tips to Deal with the Cold

winter and dry eye 640Oh, winter in Maryland the days are too short, our commutes on 695 are still terrible, and so many of us are now glued to a computer screen for eight-plus hours a day. Whether you're focused on the road or on a screen, you might be noticing an increase in your dry eye symptoms. Cold winter air is dry.

Once we turn on our heaters, the air in our homes also become dry. We can help that by adding a humidifier to your workspace and to your sleep space and and that can really go a long way in adding moisture to the air to help prevent dry eye symptoms from worsening.

When you're in the car, a little tip would be to not point the air vent directly at your face. Point it down so that you don't have that hot air blowing right on your eyes. That's certainly going to make for an increase in dry eye symptoms and. This may seem obvious, but we really need to remember to be conscious blinkers, especially computer users.

We need to be taking good solid breaks from our screens and it doesn't have to be a long break. About every 20 minutes, you can look away from your screen and do five or six really hard squeezing blinks. Just shut your eyelids for a few seconds as tight as you can and then open them back up. Repeat for five or six times in a row and this will really help train your eyes to be good blinkers.

Strong blinkers can make healthy tears that can coat and protect the eye.

Certainly if you're doing these things and you're still experiencing symptoms then you should really just come see us because there may be an underlying dry eye issue that is exacerbated by the dry winter air. We may need to address that underlying issue to get your symptoms under control.

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