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About Our Dry Eye Doctor, Dr Selinda Van Dell

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About Our Dry Eye Doctor, Dr Selinda Van Dell

I got interested in dry eye disease truly out of necessity. I was at a practice in Nashville, Tennessee that fit a lot of specialty contact lenses for patients with corneal disease. We would fit these patients in these expensive, fancy lenses, and they would only get a few hours of wear time out of them because they simply could not wet the lens. They couldn't keep it hydrated, so it became uncomfortable and their vision would blur. We realized, in order to be successful with specialty contact lenses, we had to address the patient's dry eye disease as well. Once we decided to initiate a dry eye clinic at that practice, I traveled to Boston to study with some of our professions leading doctors when it comes to dry eye disease. 

Dr Amy Nau and Dr Korb were so kind and welcomed me into their practice. They really gave me the ins and outs of dry eye disease and taught me the pathophysiology. Of course, I read all of the most recent studies on dry eye disease. Just as recent as 2017, we have developed new information and really new theories on dry eye disease that allow us to treat it to the best of our knowledge based on evidence-based medicine. So since that time, I was the sole practitioner of a dry eye clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. I ran that for over two years, and I learned a lot from my patients. Over time, I developed different techniques and treatment plans based on a patient's individual needs. Not one single patient is the same.

You've really got to look at the person as a whole and treat their dry eye based on their specific life and their specific symptoms. 

I'm so thrilled to continue everything I've learned about dry eye, continue helping dry eye patients at Eyesymmetry Vision Center. It's something that I've really developed a passion for over the last few years, and I've seen firsthand how drastically we can change a person's life once we get their dry eye symptoms under control.

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