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Why are dry eye symptoms going untreated?

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Why are dry eye symptoms going untreated?

man rubbing eyes 1280×853I believe so many patients are allowing their dry eye symptoms to go untreated because they've just accepted it as a part of their day. We've learned to live with it and a lot of patients have learned to manage just their symptoms with over-the-counter artificial tears. When in reality those over-the-counter drops are only treating the symptoms they're experiencing, maybe temporary relief of the burning they get when they're in front of their computer screens, but they aren't doing anything to address the underlying issue and the dry eye disease that's at play.

They might just blame their symptoms on their computer. Yes, computer usage contributes to the problem, but there are things that we can do to counteract those symptoms and counteract the progressive nature of dry eye disease. Honestly, a lot of patients might just not know what to do to treat their dry eye.

They may not know the next step to take. They might not be aware that it's something that they can go see a doctor for specifically. They may have even seen an optometrist who just told them to use artificial tears. They may think that they're doing all that they can do to manage their symptoms. When in fact, now we have technology and advancements that allow us to treat dry eyes on a deeper level.

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