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Wearing Scleral Contact Lenses after Corneal Transplant Surgery

Older Man Hand on Hat 1280x853Scleral Lenses for Comfort & Superior Vision.

“I’m finished with RGPs. I want a better solution.”

10 years I have been wearing are GP lenses as far as I can remember having vision problems. Everything began when  I kept getting pain in my eye and glasses aren't really providing enough Focus. Dizzy spells and struggling with bright lights or glare was common.

The first eye doctor that I went to said that I had an astigmatism, and he fitted me with gas permeable lenses. They weren't very comfortable and they were annoying To put in each day but I didn't. after about a year of that, my eyes changed and they were causing a lot of discomfort to the point that I couldn't wear them. I decided to try a different optometrist and the second guy didn't do a good job trying to have me jumping around different lenses like another gas permeable, even hybrid lenses. And then, I stumbled across Dr. Schwartz’s office.  he was very thorough doing measurements on my eyes, show me the various options, and within one session, he fit me with scleral lenses. how many years short time dr. Schwartz has accomplished what other doctors took years and failed. I’m sure I’ll be sticking with Dr. Schwartz for all my eye care needs from now on. Over a year now, and I’m seeing 20/15 with no signs of discomfort.

From Gas Permeables and a Corneal Transplant to Scleral Contact Lenses

Middle Aged Woman Winter 1280×853For a long time, I thought I had the worst eyes on the planet. when I was 19 I was diagnosed with keratoconus and the eye doctor said there was nothing she could do for me. From there, I went to an ophthalmologist who said there wasn't much they could do either. Over time, my keratoconus got to the point where is the ophthalmologist recommended I go through a corneal transplant.  I had suffered enough for the few years that I decided to go through with the procedure. The surgeon confirmed that cornea transplantation is very safe and a widespread surgery for the most part.

The outcome of the surgery was really not so bad. I was fitted with basic gas permeable lenses and could get around after my corneal transplant with clear vision. I had thought the worst was behind me, but I soon discovered that the gas permeable contacts that I wore caused my eyes to burn & turn red. While my cornea transplant helped a lot of the major problems, my cornea wasn’t going out without a fight. My vision was still a problem.

I was fitted with a pair of eyeglasses as the contacts weren’t usable. I tried my best at work, I struggled to recognize people at a distance, and driving was out of the question.

I decided to try my luck and make some calls with other eye doctors. Finally, a practice I met made the recommendation that I connect with Dr. Schwartz as he is a cornea and contact lens specialist. It was the first time I had heard that there some even a title for my condition! Dr. Schwartz spent a number of hours with me, and I could tell he understood everything that I had undergone. After a few months, he presented me with a pair of customized scleral lenses for my eyes. The scleral lenses turned my vision from awful to amazing. I only wish I had met Dr. Schwartz earlier and gotten the help from a true cornea specialist!

Small change, huge difference...

A more natural solution...

A facial for my eyes...

Easy to use...

Amazed in 8 days!