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For Keratoconus, is there an alternative to a Corneal Tranplant?

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For Keratoconus, is there an alternative to a Corneal Tranplant?

eyes american woman looking rightCorneal transplants provide a solution to recover loss of sight for those who have damaged corneas, when standard corrective eyewear is simply no longer an option. Although thousands of corneal transplant surgeries are performed annually by ophthalmologists, there are various considerations to take before stepping into eye surgery. While corneal transplants often restore vision, they are never a perfect replacement, and for some patients, even after a corneal transplant, prescription eyewear may be required and, in severe cases, another corneal transplant may be necessary.

Any corneal transplant is best left to be discussed between you and your eye doctor, and depending on your condition, you may have the opportunity to invest in alternatives. Patients with keratoconus are often listed as candidates for a corneal transplant, yet many researches & studies have found that scleral lenses and custom specialty contact lenses are a viable alternative treatment that can restore vision without the need for eye surgery. In addition, keratoconus is a disease that results in a thin & irregular cornea, so eye surgery becomes more complicated to perform.

eyetest equipmentContacts like scleral lenses not only help treat keratoconus but have the added benefits of reducing dryness and can achieve 20/15 eyesight, which is better than 20/20. Custom contact lenses can treat keratoconus safely, provide clear vision, and achieve results that outperform some surgeries.

For more information on specialty contact lenses and alternatives to corneal transplants, speak to Dr. Moshe Schwartz, O.D., F.A.A.O of EyeSymmetry Vision Center. Schedule a consultation today.

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